Selection Box

No! Not the selection box that crudely stretches into new shapes the fabric of a sibling’s stocking and promises classic chocolate satisfaction from Cadburys staples like the Sarcophagus, Grandmaster and Blessed Trinity.

This is a selection instead of images already resident on this site, itself a sort of digital box in the stinking red sock of the internet if you’re charitably prepared to tolerate the abuse of metaphor to spare your humble host the agony of coming up with decent names for blog posts heavenhavemercy

The False Face is less than a month old (hello!) and the images below are largely responsible for my conception of the site in the first place. Exclusively, they predate The False Face, an undertaking which in turn has cemented an interest in photography into the foundation of something bigger. Class, another bloody metaphor.

This is cause, not consequence. Plenty consequence to follow.

Thanks for reading, thanks for looking - it’s a stone cold gas to have you.


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